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Sep 25, 2019

Topic - Cold parenting and premature aging

The Big Bang Theory’s character, Leonard, was always angry with his demeaning and unaffectionate mother, a noted parenting expert.  He created a machine to hug him and even his father borrowed it. Funny, but it’s no joke. A cold parenting style is linked to premature aging and an increased risk for diseases.  The protective caps on the ends of DNA strands, called telomeres, are the biological markers of aging. Childhood stress shortens the telomeres. Now, it’s proven that unsupportive mothers cause them to shrink by a whopping 25%.  As each cell divides, the telomeres get shorter escalating aging resulting in premature death. Mothers are important. When the two of you are deciding on marriage and children and she says she doesn’t think so, don’t try to talk her into it.  She knows something about herself. Consider the consequences for your kids.