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Sep 19, 2019

Topic - Sunburn tattoos

As far as teen challenges go, this one isn’t as scary, but there are consequences.  Kids are getting “sunburn tattoos”. Basically, kids put stencils of images on their skin and then, they get a sunburn.  When the stencil is pulled off, the image is much lighter than the surrounding skin. So, what’s the problem? For every sunburn you get, especially one that causes blisters, the chances of coming down with skin cancer is increased dramatically.  Kids don’t pay attention and teenagers don’t care. We can wrestle our little ones down and slather them with sunscreen, but teenagers, they think they’ll live forever. What do they care about possibly getting cancer at age 40? That’s like a million years away, until it isn’t and they get a deadly diagnosis.  Teach them about the dangers of skin cancer using pictures. Give them tons of sunscreen and help them practice using it. It’s all you can do.