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Sep 18, 2019

Topic - Are you sick?

The skills that are necessary for us to survive are passed down in our genes like an insurance policy.  Cavemen had skills that are still working to protect you. For example, the sense of smell, critical to survival, continues to be wired directly into the brain instead of going through our processing system.  It tells us when something is rotten. You smell that ground beef in the refrigerator the same way that cavemen smelled a carcass in the forest. They also needed to smell fire as early as possible to get out of its way.  Now, scientists have found that signs of illness such as pale lips, droopy eyelids and a downturned mouth are observed only hours after an infection begins. We humans are trained to notice those signs in order to avoid the disease.  Even a slight glance sends a warning signal of “stay away” to the brain. Listen to those warnings.