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Sep 16, 2019

Topic - The impact of “work creep”

Do you know about “work creep”?  No, it’s not some weirdo at the office, but it has a serious impact on your everyday life…every day.  “Work creep” is the name for the non-stop, ever-present stress caused by responsibilities at work that creep into your life.  For many of us, work never stops. As a result, hospital admissions for work-induced stress and anxiety have risen by more than 25% in just ten years.  Half of all work-related illnesses were caused by stress and anxiety. Smartphones cause white collar employees to work many more hours outside the regular work day…a lot more hours.  You can always be reached for the smallest issues at work. You’re tethered to work 24-7-365. And we’re feeling it. We don’t have permission to switch off. Do what you can to create strong boundaries between work and life.