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Sep 13, 2019

Topic - News in the fight against cancer

The big C.  Cancer. It’s one of the most fearful diagnoses given.  With trillions of dollars spent fighting and researching it, we don’t feel any closer to preventing or treating it.  Except, scientists have made an important discovery which could be the breakthrough they’ve been looking for. They’ve found a special cell they call “the cell of origin” which is thought to trigger every single type of cancer known to mankind.  This cell of origin allows the disease to spread or metastasize, another terrifying word. The cell of origin seems to be in a zombie state and suddenly, it springs back to life and runs amok, spreading disease to distant parts of the body. This research has serious implications for treatment with chemotherapy since it may make these cells of origin multiply faster.  More people than ever are winning against cancer. Every puzzle piece we can find helps in the effort.