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Sep 6, 2019

Topic - Dog Scouts of America

Dog Scouts of America.  Have you heard about this organization?  This is a nonprofit group founded in 1995.  It grew from a single summer camp to a national organization with troops in 20 states, offering several overnight camps.  The concept of “scouts” came from traditional scouting programs.  Dog Scouts’ mission is to promote the human-canine bond through positive training and fun methods.  Dogs can master new skills, earn merit badges and participate in outdoor activities. Because 56% of American dogs are overweight or even obese, the activities help our fur friends to stay in shape.  The Dog Scouts offer K9 training programs and even DOGa which is dog yoga!  Dog owners learn first aid skills in order to manage emergencies.  Most dogs end up in shelters because of behavioral problems, training can help them stay at home with their families.