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Aug 14, 2019

Topic - Being In A Good Mood Boosts A Flu Shot

It’s September.  Time for your flu shot.  “Oh, I just hate this! ”  Well, you better talk yourself out of that negative attitude because new research tells us that having a positive attitude just might boost the effectiveness of your injection.  Even if your diet, physical activity and sleep were the same and only your mood was negative in the six weeks leading up to your shot, you’ll have lower immunity against the flu.  But, all is not lost.  If you’re in good spirits on the day you get the shot, you’ll still have about 15% greater immunity than if you were in a bummer of a mood.  Regardless of your feelings before and during the vaccination, getting it reduces the risk of spreading disease to the general population up to 60%.  If most people got the shot, there’d be fewer flu related deaths.  Get your flu shot before the end of October for the best results.