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Aug 14, 2019

Topic - What Do I Say To Someone With Cancer?


You see a friend and realize you haven’t spoken in months.  While she’s very happy to see you, she tells you that she’s battling cancer.  What do you say to her?  You can say that cancer is just awful and it’s scary.  Yes, you want to help, so be specific about what you can offer.  If you want me to pick up a prescription, I can do that.  Can I call you before I go to the grocery store?  I cook on the weekends, how about I bring some meals over?  Don’t tell her she’s tough.  She has no choice.  Keep information about “better doctors” or “different treatments” to yourself.  Don’t ask about her kind of cancer or prognosis.  If you’ve got nothing to say, be quiet.  Hold her hand, hug her.  Be there.  Everyone’s path is different.  Even if you’re a survivor, you don’t know.  Saying, “I know how you feel” just minimizes her experience.  If she could be in your shoes, she would.