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Aug 13, 2019

Topic - Today’s Teens Are Falling Behind

Today’s teens are falling behind their counterparts from the 1970’s.  When compared to their peers of 30 years ago, they’re drinking alcohol, dating, driving and engaging in sex much later.  They’re also not working for pay. Teens are developing more slowly than ever before and the digital age may be responsible.  They socialize on line and don’t go out and have face-to-face interactions.  They don’t have to drive because rideshare companies are widely available and surely not as expensive as maintaining a car.  They’re not pressed to get jobs because parents aren’t requiring them to work and recreational activities are subsidized by good old Mom and Dad.  It’s not the case that after school activities or homework are slowing down their developmental progress, either.  It is the case that they have options that teens in the 1970’s didn’t have and frankly, couldn’t even dream of.