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Aug 9, 2019

Topic - Challenge Proofing Your Kids

Fatal fads, those challenges that circulate online and dare kids to perform and record dangerous activities, escape the attention of parents. Elementary age kids participate in, die from and have life-altering injuries as a result of the Chubby Bunny and Hot Water challenges.  Middle and high schoolers die from the Cinnamon Challenge, the Salt and Ice dare, and car surfing.  Disfiguring burns have resulted from the Fire Challenge and kids have severely damaged their intestines with the Banana and Sprite dare.  How do you protect your children?  First, you maintain a close relationship with them by being approachable, receptive and non-judgmental parents.  Second, you scan the internet to learn about the latest challenge.  Third, you monitor their online habits and fourth, you teach them about each challenge that comes along.  Good luck out there!