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Jun 28, 2019

Topic - Older Fathers Produce Geeky Kids

The research regarding the impact of having an older father is mostly negative.  A new study finds that boys born to older fathers can be more intelligent, socially aloof, don’t worry about how others view them and are interested in closely studying particular fields which the researchers called a “geeky personality”.  As a clinician, I’m seeing a picture of high functioning autism here.  This article stated that the researchers wanted to explore the relationship between father’s age, a geeky personality and autism.  Although these boys might not be diagnosed yet, it’s been my experience that when kids are exceptionally bright, their “quirks” are attributed to their intelligence.  I’ve diagnosed a good many twenty something’s with high functioning autism once their anxiety blew up and depression set in.  Don’t let the minimize, marginalize and deny mindset keep you from getting the boy some help.