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Apr 18, 2019

Topic - Too Much Driving Is Bad For Your Brain

A new study says that spending more than two hours a day behind the wheel lowers our IQ, especially if we’re middle-aged, forty-five to sixty-five years old. The cause of this decline is being mentally and physically sedentary which causes stress and fatigue, all four of which are factors in the decline of a healthy brain. You can’t always quit your job, but you can take some steps to reduce the negative impact of a long commute on your body. Listen to books on tape or at least something intellectually stimulating on the radio. Maybe learn a language. Use systematic muscle relaxation. I’m sure that your shoulders are up under your ears so push your shoulders down to lengthen your neck muscles. Squeeze your buttocks tightly to reduce tension in those major muscles. Breathe deeply every tenth breathe or so to make sure you’re exchanging oxygen. Sit up straight so your lungs can fill. There! Better already!