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Apr 15, 2019

Topic - Eating Eggs Makes Kids Taller

If you know a child who doesn’t have consistent access to food, a study shows that one of the most important features of their overall nutrition is eggs. Eating a single egg daily can reduce the possibility of stunted growth by forty seven percent and reduces the possibility of a child being underweight by seventy four percent. If your child is a picky eater and may not be getting all of the essential nutrition, consider the role of eggs. Some kids don’t like the blandness or the texture of eggs, so shake it up. Cold, hard-boiled eggs sliced into a sandwich with mustard and spread may give kids the spiciness they need. Don’t forget about taco seasoning. Sprinkling a bit into scrambled eggs can make a big difference! Red sauce, hot sauce or ketchup can add a little punch. Make it easier for kids to like eggs! Donate eggs to the local food bank.