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Mar 14, 2019

Topic - The “Tweenager”

Ah, the tweenager. These are kids between the ages of eight and twelve. Puberty isn’t obvious just by looking at them, but changes are in full swing inside their bodies and we must re-tool our parenting skills to match these changes. First, know that their brains are changing. It’s growing and making connections with other parts of the brain, so it’s busy and it’s tired and irritable. Second, it’s time to stop directing them and telling them what to do and where to go every minute. Give them a wider berth. You’ll know it’s time to change when “suddenly”, they’re not your sweet little kids anymore. Girls will be dramatic and overreact. Boys may become openly defiant or simply ignore you and withdraw. Before you speak to them, stop for a nano-second and change your approach. Ask them what they’d like to do, take a rest and do some homework or go buy shoes. Use cooperative language. See the articles about teen development at doctor claudia dot net.