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Mar 13, 2019

Topic - Humans Hardwired To Tilt Heads Right For Kissing

Why do most of us tilt our heads to the right in anticipation of a kiss? Researchers did a study in Bangladesh to determine the most natural way to kiss. Bangladeshis aren’t allowed to see kissing in movies or on television, so they’re not influenced by other societies. As it turns out, two-thirds of couples there turned their heads to the right both when initiating and receiving a kiss. Since most people are right-handed, this tilt makes sense. Head turning is one of the earliest preferences in development and babies in the womb will turn their heads to the right before favoring their right hand or foot. The head turning dynamic may be a holdover from the womb called biological conditioning, but it’s actually more of a preference. I’m thinking it’s a preference based on our behavior in the womb, but that’s just me.