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Mar 7, 2019

Topic - Kids Who Lie Have Higher Alcohol Risk

Children who lie to their parents or withhold information are more likely to start drinking alcohol at a younger age. Alcoholism is known to start during the middle school years. Teens with an honest, supportive relationship with their parents aren’t as likely to experiment with alcohol early on. This isn’t the only factor in the alcoholic equation. Having friends who drink, especially if they’re boys, and families with a gene pool vulnerable to alcoholism also increase the risk. Adolescence is a time to develop independence and when kids don’t have a trusting relationship with their parents, they may see drinking and lying as a way to be independent, or to be an adult. Helicopter parents, beware. If you suffocate your child, they’re more likely to lie than those kids whose Moms and Dads loosen their grip and mentor their children as they make their way in the world.