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Mar 5, 2019

Topic - No Kissing For Newborn Babies

There’s yet another sad story about a newborn fighting for life. She contracted an illness from someone who kissed her on the mouth in her first days of life. Whoever kissed her had the cold sore virus, herpes simplex. That kiss led to meningitis. Baby was placed on life support when her organs began to fail. There’s no reason to ever kiss a child on their lips, babies especially, since their immune systems are fragile. Even if a person has no symptoms, virus can be active in saliva. Not only can meningitis be spread, but also encephalitis, brain, lung, skin and liver diseases, and eye sores. People should ask to hold your child and they should wash their hands before picking them up. If your baby or child shows signs of a cold sore, call your pediatrician. Don’t worry about offending anyone. Too bad they’re mad. You can’t live with the consequences.