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Feb 26, 2019

Topic - Laughter and Society

People laugh when they’re interacting with each other. It’s contagious. Even if something is really funny, we don’t laugh when we’re alone. We’ll talk out loud to ourselves and smile, but we won’t laugh. In fact, we laugh thirty times more together than alone. That tells us the bonding power of laughter. Humans rely on cooperation to achieve shared goals and to survive. Laughter helps to reduce tension and increase cohesiveness. Having a sense of humor is an excellent coping strategy. Women prefer men with a good sense of humor because it suggests they’re intelligent and compatible. However, in order for a couple to be in sync, they must agree on the kind and quality of humor they enjoy. If he’s a prankster, she may see him as juvenile. If she likes dark humor, he may question her judgment. Humor in a relationship is important. Pay attention to this element and make sure you’re a good fit.