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Feb 25, 2019

Topic - Bedwetting

Bedwetting is a serious issue for kids. If they haven’t mastered staying dry through the night, their self-esteem takes a serious hit. I spoke with a pediatric gastroenterologist regarding a client we shared and expressed my confusion over bedwetting. She said that few pediatricians understand the role of chronic constipation in bedwetting, so they tell parents to be patient and use pulls up and the like, but that’s not good advice. Instead, chronic constipation, a condition that pediatricians tend to undertreat, needs to be managed with enemas because fiber products don’t work well. If a child isn’t trained by age four, take action because if they’re not dry by age eleven, they’re likely to still be wetting the bed as adults. If your child is struggling, consult with a pediatric gastroenterologist, otherwise, your child could face lifelong social and physical consequences.