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Feb 20, 2019

Topic - Cows’ Milk And Taller Kids

With the introduction of almond and soy milk, not as many kids are drinking cow’s milk as before. After evaluating over five thousand kids ages two to six, researchers found that, for each serving of milk consumed a day that wasn’t from a cow, the child was four-tenths of a centimeter shorter than average for their age. Those who drank cow’s milk were two-tenths of a centimeter taller than average. The more the child drank cow’s milk, the taller they grew. Cow’s milk has robust levels of protein and fat, allowing kids to reach their maximum height. The nutritional content of cow’s milk in the US and Canada is regulated, but other types of milk aren’t. Two cups of cow’s milk has one hundred percent of a three year old’s recommended protein and two cups of almond milk has only a quarter of the recommended protein. Be careful when making decisions about milk for your child.