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Feb 19, 2019

Topic - Allergies And Suicide

For several decades, researchers found that, during spring and summer when pollen was high, suicides were double for young females and were four-fold for older women. Aggression and mood disturbances were also seen. The researchers concluded that cytokines, which are part of the immune system, are released by inflammation caused by allergies. The cytokines make their way up the nasal passages and into the brain disrupting its delicate chemical soup. Some cells even go crazy and become serial killers, destroying healthy brain tissue which may lead to impulsivity and anger. The brains of those who commit suicide had high levels of cytokines. Poor sleep, a high misery index and no relief in sight might push some people to behave impulsively and hurt themselves. Doctors should check the mental health of those being treated for allergies. Take allergies seriously.