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Feb 14, 2019

Topic - Pregnancy Cravings?

Wives tales about predicting your baby’s gender from the foods you crave aren’t supported by science. But, they’re supported by experience and observation. Crave salty? You’re having a boy. Crave sweet? You’re having a girl. One day, I walked in the door after work and ate a half a brick of cream cheese and drank nearly a bottle of olive juice. I had no idea I was pregnant and yes, I had a boy. Doctors aren’t usually concerned about cravings unless they’re the only foods you eat or if you gain a lot of weight. High hormone levels may change our sense of taste and smell which lead to foods smelling or tasting offensive or fabulous. If your cravings are overtaking you or you start to eat non-food items such as dirt or clay, laundry starch, or crayons, be honest with your doctor. She’s heard it all. Your job is to protect your baby.