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Feb 13, 2019

Topic - For The First Time In History

For the first time in history, kids are more competent with a major life skill than their parents. It’s our responsibility to teach our kids as much as we can. We teach them the “curriculum of adulthood”. In school, they’re not taught how to pay bills, call the plumber or talk to a mechanics. Because their brains aren’t mature, their judgment isn’t consistent with their intelligence. But now, they’re masters of the most powerful technology known to man. They’ve left us in the dust. We’re really far behind and struggling to catch up. Kids’ brains synchronize with both computer hardware and software. The whole process is intuitive to them, but not to us. They’re in control of all things digital and now, we seek them out for help, a lot. Be proactive. Take classes to enhance your skills. Broaden your horizons. Be bold.