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Feb 12, 2019

Topic - Laughter’s Role In Teaching/Learning

Remember those really great teachers who masterfully taught with just the right touch of humor? If a teacher uses comedy to complement, but not distract from the material, they’re effective. If they use amusing anecdotes and jokes to reduce anxiety and boost participation, their students will be more focused. If they include humorous items on tests, they’ll relieve tension and likely see an improved performance. A witty teacher is seen as a competent communicator who’s more responsive to students’ needs than a humorless teacher. To be effective, the humor must be appropriate, brighten the mood and make the information memorable. Humor must also be in tune with the students’ knowledge and if it doesn’t improve the classroom environment and fails to reduce their anxiety, then the learning process is likely to be negatively impacted. Let’s hear it for the funny, great teachers!