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Feb 11, 2019

Topic - Feeding Your Kids Small Bits

Adults’ perceptions are very different from children’s. We see a dollop of mashed potatoes, they see a mountain. Picky eaters have even more discriminating perceptions. Two slices of banana is about all some kids can manage. Using an ice cube tray, drop one or two bits of the things they like into the compartments along with some of the things you’d like them to try. If they’re not stressed about being forced to eat, they’re more likely to explore. Add “dippings” such as ketchup, peanut butter, honey or whatever they like. The idea is to get them to explore without overwhelming them. Leave some compartments empty in case they need to spit out the things they don’t want. The goal is to reduce their anxiety about food. If you don’t have to battle with them, they’ll trust you when it comes to food and both of you will benefit. Their willingness to try different foods will grow along with them.