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Feb 7, 2019

Topic - Being A Catcher’s Mitt

Are you a catcher’s mitt? Are you the person others seek out when they’re upset, afraid, and overwhelmed only to later be told to “mind your own business”? Being a catcher’s mitt can be exhausting and at times, it’s necessary to walk off the field, so to speak, especially if there are one or two people who consistently behave like this, soaking up your emotional resources and interfering in your relationships with others. It’s not necessary to break off the relationship if there are positive features you value about them. Slowly train them by making yourself unavailable to comfort them or listen to their tales of woe. Should they ask you why you’re “not around anymore”, a vague statement that you’re “really busy” with work or such might suffice, but they also might be people who need to hear this statement a lot of times before moving on to someone else. Don’t be a catcher’s mitt. It’s not healthy.