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Feb 5, 2019

Topic - Good Rhythm And Advanced Grammar Skills

Wow! A recent study tells us that young kids who can determine if simple and complex musical rhythms were the same or different also had better grammar skills than students who struggled with identifying the rhythms. One of the fundamental strategies with getting kids to read fluently is to teach them word families. Word families are those similar and usually rhyming words such as cat, hat and fat. Once kids master word families, many different books are available to them, most notably, the Dr. Seuss series where word families and rhyming are extensively employed and the silliness of the words and the stories offer high levels of fun. Introducing your child to music early in their lives is critical to developing prosody which is the rhythm, stress and intonation of language. I DO NOT DO NOT recommend putting speakers on your belly or inserting items to get music closer to your baby.