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Jan 30, 2019

Topic - K-9 Drug Search Teams

Out of desperation, a Kentucky family hired a company with drug-sniffing dogs to do a search of their home. They suspected their teenage son was using marijuana. After a brief search, the dog found 4 grams of heroin in a tube sock. That’s about a teaspoon. Considering the heroin epidemic and number of deaths among teenagers and young adults, they just may have saved his life. Whereas I can see both sides of not taking such measures, nature primes us parents to protect the lives of our children and it’s a survival imperative. If you’re concerned about your kids’ potential drug use and you’re at the point where you believe a search is necessary, follow the steps in the article on doctor claudia dot net titled “Would you do this? Oh, I think you would”. Just ask yourself, “Can I live with the consequences?” You don’t get a second chance if your child is lost to drugs.