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Jan 28, 2019

Topic - Benefits Of A Standing Or Walking Desk

Sitting at a desk all day long is dangerous to our health. Standing desks and those that allow you to walk on a treadmill have been developed to boost productivity and reduce stress. If workers can alternate between sitting, standing or walking, they’re more productive. If the goal is to lower stress, the treadmill desk is the best bet. However, the sit-stand desk produces stronger levels of brain activity in workers than those walking on a treadmill. Activity-promoting desks help workers to focus on urgent tasks and manage tension better than people sitting for hours on end. Businesses are evolving slowly and adopting this idea of workers moving about, but schools have yet to catch on. If I recommended a standing desk for a student, the staff groaned. They couldn’t imagine kids moving and learning. Make sure that kids’ movement needs are met at school and home.