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Jan 25, 2019

Topic - Shoe Goo

Once you hear this, you’ll take off your shoes every time you step foot inside your home. Several studies show an average of four hundred twenty one thousand bacteria is on shoes. The goo includes fecal material, E. coli and bacteria that cause pneumonia, other respiratory diseases and urinary tract infections. C. difficile which causes such severe and chronic diarrhea that many times, fecal transplants are necessary, has been found on thirty nine percent of shoes. Toxins from asphalts, lawn products, and cars, coupled with bacteria from bird droppings and dog feces stay on your shoes even if you wipe them or walk a few miles. There are two million bacteria on every square inch of a public bathroom floor and only fifty per square inch on an average toilet seat. Wash your shoes when possible and disinfect your floors. It’s the best you can do.