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Jan 23, 2019

Topic - Guidelines For Home Remedies

Home remedies. Most of them are common sense attempts to comfort our sick kids. Think salt water gargle, tea and honey. What are the home remedy guidelines? You can treat basic colds, minor fevers, cuts, scrapes, bruises and occasional diarrhea at home. If several of these occur together, see a doctor. Get help when your kid has a fever for five days or more, has a severe headache or vomiting and refuses to drink. Any child who is having trouble breathing or an infant younger than three months has a fever of a hundred needs medical help now. Make sure you know how to take a temperature correctly and understand the dosages of common medications like Tylenol for children. Consider calling a hospital “warm line” with professionals who can answer your questions. If there’s no improvement in one to two days, call the pediatrician.