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Jan 22, 2019

Topic - Laughter’s Biology

Behavior that’s important is usually wired into the brain which also means that its origins are ancient. Such is the case with laughter. It’s wired into the reward circuit of the brain. We know that different types of humor “tickle” different parts of the brain and that different kinds of laughter have their own meaning. “Voiced” laughter has a sing-song quality to it that’s familiar and meaningful whereas “unvoiced” laughter is more of a noise. A chuckle, giggle and chortle are voiced and feel more musical than the snort which is a noise and difficult to interpret. Laughter is a universally human trait that allows us to bond together and work more cooperatively. It also reduces tension by lowering blood pressure and reducing stress hormones. Laughter, like a good cry, causes positive physical changes that make us feel relaxed. So, go ahead, have a good laugh or a good cry. They’ll both do you good.