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Jan 19, 2019

Topic - Dry Drowning

People can drown without having any water in their lungs. Why is that? Because when the person begins to drown, there is an initial gasp. In response, the larynx which is part of the air passage, spasms and closes involuntarily preventing both air and water from entering the lungs. Low levels of oxygen in the blood very quickly cause a systematic shut down of organs. Victims frequently vomit and the contents enter the lungs. Within three minutes, the brain begins to swell causing the heart to beat irregularly usually causing a heart attack. Brain swelling and heart problems are the number one reason why they can’t be revived after rescue. Because the victims arrive at the hospital with so many system failures, they require very intensive intervention by a wide variety of specialists. The amount of time spent underwater is a predictor of recovery. More than ten minutes typically ends in death. Keep your kids close to you in the water.