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Jan 18, 2019

Topic - No More Early College Classes

A recent study in both the US and Britain found that both high school and college students learn best in classes held in the later afternoon and evening. Scientists analyzed the sleep patterns of many students of different ages and found that teens have a biologically natural day that starts about two hours later than adults. When it comes to our top performance, no single time frame fits everybody. What is your chronotype? As the word suggests, it’s the time of day during which you’re the most cognitively alert and active. Those of us who are at our best in the evening outnumber, two to one, those who peak in the morning. Have a kid who’s an early riser and drives you crazy with their activity level, but at night, they slow down while you’re revving up? Uh oh. This poor “goodness of fit” between activity levels could lead to skirmishes. Be aware of the differences and adjust yourself accordingly.