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Jan 15, 2019

Topic - Long Reach Of Popularity

Popularity. Ugh. High school. But, there are two types of popularity. Which one should we pursue, likability or status? Likability starts in early childhood and includes helping others, being a supportive leader and pursuing harmony. Later, in adolescence, status becomes the goal. Why then? Because the teen brain craves attention and visibility and status satisfies the reward centers of the brain. Those popular kids, well, they’re prone to risky behavior and relationship problems through young adulthood. They never stop looking for the popularity they enjoyed in high school. They didn’t develop those likability traits that will benefit them throughout their lives. As a result, their competitiveness and attention-seeking behaviors result in unhealthier and unhappier lives and likely, a shorter life span. Search for balance between likability and status. Help your kids to understand the difference.