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Jan 10, 2019

Topic - What To Believe About Breast Cancer Risks

We just don’t know what to believe about the research regarding breast cancer risks. However, a new and extensive study including both pre- and post-menopausal women confidently reports that three factors lower the risk. Being physically active, maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life and limiting alcohol. It’s a tall order, but if breast cancer runs in your family, these are areas where you can “control the controllable”. Alcohol consumption in post-menopausal women poses a greater risk than for the pre-menopausal group. For both groups, high intensity exercise reduces the risk by nearly twenty percent. Whatever your exercise routine, work a bit harder or extend it a little longer. One drink a day is the max. Eat veggies instead of chips and crackers. Not only will these actions reduce your risk of cancer, but they’ll improve your overall health. Take small steps for true progress.