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Jan 8, 2019

Topic - Toddlers’ Tears

You thought when Ben became a toddler, those tears would fade. No, things get a lot scarier because now, he’s figuring out how the world works. His awareness has exploded. Life is confusing and frustrating. He has little control and his language isn’t developed so it’s hard to express his feelings and get what he needs. When emotions overwhelm him, he cries, usually until he’s exhausted. You ask him, “What’s wrong?”, but Ben can’t tell you. You feel helpless. Stop, pick him up, speak softly to him even if he’s screaming in your ear, rub his back, stroke his head. Comfort Ben with a song or words. Sit down, on the floor if you have to, don’t mind what others think, and put Ben in your lap or arms and rock him. He’ll squirm, you hold on. He wants to feel protected. Toddlerhood lasts about two years. Be prepared.