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Jan 1, 2019

Topic - Super Lice

It was the case that head lice could be treated effectively with over-the-counter products, but now, these little critters have developed a resistance and they’re really tough to beat back. There are national chain stores in your neighborhood with experts who will identify and treat lice. Since your child can’t go back to school without verifying their scalps are clear of both lice and their eggs, called nits, you really don’t have time to experiment with treatments that may not work. Kids get head lice more frequently than adults because of the ways they interact with each another. Hygiene isn’t the issue with head lice, but if you have long hair, it’s harder to get rid of them. Hair lice don’t spread disease the way body lice can, but they do cause distress and misery. Look for lice when kids come home from summer camp and after winter holidays when relatives visit.