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Dec 28, 2018

Topic - Dark Humor

Dark humor. It’s morbid, offensive, cruel and frequently graphic and certainly not appreciated by everyone. Despite impressing most people around them as being some kind of disgusting human being, the fact is, this kind of humor requires a high level of intelligence and mastery of the complexities of emotions. A study found that those people who enjoy this kind of humor are the least aggressive, have the highest levels of education and are more intelligent than others. They simply enjoy this kind of humor, but they may not be aware of its impact on others. Appeal to their intellect and understanding of human emotions and give them guidelines about conducting themselves in your home or in front of your kids. If they insist on violating those guidelines, invite them only to those gatherings where their humor might be appreciated and let the chips fall. Maybe they’ll get the hint when their invitations are few and far between. Don’t count on it.