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Dec 26, 2018

Topic - Restaurant Garb

Have you ever wondered if the way you’re dressed had any bearing on the quality of service you receive at a restaurant? Researchers looked at this question to determine if our suspicions were correct. They concluded that your server’s performance may be influenced by what you’re wearing. Race doesn’t appear to play a role in the quality of their attention. Servers felt that well-dressed minorities were likely to leave a bigger tip than casually-dressed minorities and that well-dressed men were likely to leave a better tip than women of equal fashion. Men in casual attire were voted as the least likely of any group to leave a good tip. Servers used stereotypes and first impressions to decide how best to devote their time and energy to make the most money. Restaurant managers should make this information part of server training. As for my family, we always leave a big tip, especially for breakfast waitresses.