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Dec 26, 2018

Topic - Time Doesn’t Mend A Broken Heart

It’s what I’ve always said, nothing gets healed. We learn to cope with our wounds. Time only softens the jagged edges of the pain. A new scientific report claims that the “broken heart syndrome”, also known as Takotsubo Syndrome, can leave a person with cardiac damage from which they don’t’ recover. In essence, the shock and pain is so great to the person that the heart muscle is stunned and the left ventricle changes shape. Basically, the heart “shudders and contracts”. Patients who were followed after the attack had abnormal heart functioning for up to four months afterwards and showed signs of scarring indicating that recovery may take much longer if they recovered at all. Takotsubo Syndrome was first described in Japan in nineteen ninety and named after an octopus pot which has a shape resembling a broken left ventricle. It’s hoped that research will move toward a cure.