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Dec 21, 2018

Topic - Liberals And Conservatives Listening To Each Other

Once again, I’m reminded of why I work with children. Apparently, the political atmosphere is such that voters can’t even be paid to listen to the rhetoric from the opposing party. Adults. Ugh. They can’t even read an opposing position. I’m not surprised. This behavior is only evidence of the way the brain works. The brain has a “default mode” that reflects a person’s internal world which includes all of the values and beliefs that were begun in early childhood. The “attention mode”, in contrast, focuses on the external world. Because the “default mode” is so strong, any opposing belief, view or opinion is perceived as a threat to one’s existence. It doesn’t even have to be a political position. It can be anything that’s in contrast to yours. Once again, emotions hijack the reasoning component of the brain. It’s all emotion and no sense, just like young children.