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Dec 20, 2018

Topic - Mother’s Milk Kills Cancer Cells

The best things are discovered by accident. Scientists recently realized that breast milk contains a substance that kills cancer. This protein has been named Hamlet, very clever. It’s being used to treat patients with bladder cancer and next, doctors will conduct trials with bowel and cervical cancers. Because Hamlet zeroes in on cancer cells while not harming healthy ones, it has no debilitating effects. Interestingly, once the protein hits the gut, it transforms itself into a cancer fighter. It attacks the malignant cells in many ways. It avoids the cancer cells’ outer defenses and moves in on the engines of the cells, the mitochondria, and then on to the nucleus which gives the commands. Once the power is gone and the commands aren’t received, the cells commit suicide. Make no mistake about it, we mothers are goddesses. We give life and then cure its diseases. Love it.