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Dec 19, 2018

Topic - Don’t Wear Flip-Flops

When I was a kid, we wore zories, the south Florida name for flip-flops. They were great for the hot, humid weather, but they’re not healthy. They’re OK to wear to the beach, but don’t protect our feet from accidents and injuries. They cause bunions which are those painful, bony protrusions on the side of your foot below your big toe. They also contribute to bunionettes which are on the outside of your foot by your pinkie toe. These are caused by pulling and stretching of the foot ligaments. They don’t support your arches and allow fungus to fester in the soft foam base. They make blisters erupt and cause hammertoe which is where one toe crosses over its neighbor because it forces your toes to curl and tendons to tug. They cause so much stumbling that high schools have banned them. Flip-flops cause you to walk in such a way that your heel hits first, and hard. Find other shoes to wear.