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Dec 18, 2018

Topic - Getting In Shape Is Easier Than You Think

Seventy-five billion dollars are spent on gym memberships annually and only half of those who have memberships actually go. There are easier ways to get in shape in order to keep up with your parenting duties and work life. If you feel hungry, drink some water. The body sometimes mistakes thirst for hunger. Get more protein. Nuts are great nutrition. Avoid sodas, sugary drinks and alcohol. When you get hungry, wait ten minutes before eating. Sit down while you eat; no eating “on the run”. Eat veggie pizza and dab the top to soak up excess fat from cheese. Eat popcorn without the “extras”. Get up and move around frequently to avoid sitting for too long; take the stairs. Eat smaller portions. Taking a hot bath burns as many calories as walking for half an hour. Spend thirty minutes tidying up the house. See? Easy peasy!