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Dec 12, 2018

Topic - Dangers Of Short-Term Opioid Use

You stepped over the Lego tower and heard a pop-crack. Now, you’re on a short course of opioid medication and unknowingly, you’re set up for addiction. A study of emergency room patients found that about seven percent went home with an opioid prescription even for a sprained ankle. The amount of pills ranged from five to sixty. The more pills that were prescribed, the greater the chance that the prescription would be refilled. Those who got thirty pills or more were twice as likely to refill than those who got fifteen or less. Research proves that it’s very hard for some people to stop taking the pills even after brief use. New Jersey recently passed a law limiting first-time prescriptions to a five-day supply. It’s an attempt to reduce exposure to addiction. You do your part. Now that you know, reject that opioid prescription and use an over the counter product for discomfort.