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Dec 11, 2018

Topic - Slow Down Texting Doesn’t Help

“But, Mom, I slow down if I have to text”. Ding, ding, ding, that’s not gonna help. Slowing down to text actually increases your chances of getting into a crash. When you text or use your cell phone, you drive, on average, about two miles per hour slower. And when you slow down, other drivers react aggressively resulting in dangerous moves. From an emotional standpoint, they may be angry that you’re causing them to slow down because you’re on your phone. If you rear-end them, which is usually the case, now, you have to deal with scary angry drivers who feel victimized by your careless behavior. If you make a call or text, there’s a four-times greater risk of an accident. Yes, I said four times greater chance. Can you live with the consequences? This kind of danger often doesn’t register with kids because they think “never me” at this age. Keep preaching the message. It’s all you’ve got.