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Dec 10, 2018

Topic - High Schoolers Riding With Drunk Drivers

We tell them, over and over, don’t we? Never get into a car with a friend who’s been drinking. Results of a study revealed that thirty-five percent of high schoolers reported they had ridden in a car with a driver who drank at least one drink the previous hour. I thought, “That message isn’t getting through”. About twenty percent were in a car whose driver had smoked weed within the two hours before getting behind the wheel. Males were more likely to drive after consuming than were females. Females were more likely to be the passenger of an impaired driver than males. The researchers weren’t able to explain why kids still get into cars with drunk or stoned drivers. It’s likely that they didn’t realize how impaired their drivers were and it’s also likely that the drivers didn’t know how impaired they were. It’s time to have that talk again, isn’t it?