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Nov 11, 2014

Topic - Narcissism in Kids.  Narcissism can be seen in very young children. 

Ashley believes she has special talents and is superior.  She’s haughty. She doesn’t care about other people and lacks warmth and empathy. 

Ashley isn’t good at taking turns and has a “me first” attitude.  Her academic record is spotty; she’ll only work when she’s interested. 

Well, why not? It must not be important if she isn’t interested! 

Because she can’t tolerate failure, she avoids things that don’t bring her praise.  Ashley has never admitted that she was wrong and she has never apologized.  Ever. 

She shows no remorse for her behavior and blames others for her mistakes.  She uses people and has no genuine relationships.  She lies constantly and bends the rules to suit her needs. 

Parents are concerned about her drive to have power over others which borders on the sadistic.  If this is your child, there is hope, but get help now!