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Dec 6, 2018

Topic - Sensation Seeking Personality Style

Know someone who’s always looking for the next thrill and thrives on excitement? They can’t help it; it’s their neurology that results in a sensation seeking personality style. Think of it as “spice”. Some people don’t like the heat and for others, the hotter the better. Some have a low threshold for sensing the heat and others have a higher set point. Not good, not bad, just different. So it goes with those who seek novelty and intense sensations. People have different set points and tolerances for activity. If you have a low threshold for excitement and don’t tolerate intensity and the heat well, then look for partners and friends whose preferences are within the range you can tolerate. It’s called “goodness of fit”. Don’t be bullied into doing things that make you uncomfortable. It takes days for my balance system to recover from a roller coaster ride, so I avoid them even though I get teased. Oh well, to each her own.